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About Me

Hi, I'm Peter Wetzel, 

As the proud owner of Wetzel Walks 'Em, I am humbled to have created a client list including amazing breeds, locations and families of dogs to visit each day.  The rewards of being a Dog Walker and Pet Sitter are the same rewards families enjoy each day when they return home to a wagging tail.

Having worked in the Hotel Industry for over ten years, I had plenty of opportunity to use my talents of taming and calming on humans.  I was also a part-time dog walker and pet sitter during this period.  My love of animals is rivaled only by my love for my own family.  

Walking Dogs in Boston I learned many things about myself, but also about dogs.  I pride myself in being respectful of the power and natural instinct of dogs.  Not all dogs are ready to lick your face from the get-go and a warming up period is not uncommon with Rescue Dogs, Foster Dogs and any breed of dog who has that protective instinct for 'their' family.  Coming into your family, I pledge to take time and energy getting to know your needs, as well as those of your pets.  Do you have an especially energetic pet?  Let me help.  Just need to get Fido out of the house during the day?  That's my specialty.

I believe in real walks and real exercise for your dogs.  I utilize the Nike+ App on my iPhone in order to track and log actual mileage and times.  Although business is booming, I do not normally walk more than three dogs at a time to ensure your pets get the proper attention and exercise.  Your dog deserves a full half-hour of exercise and that is what I offer.

Group or 'Pack' walks are becoming more common.  In an effort to assist all families, a warming up period might occur with new clients, however dogs are naturally social animals, and pack walks are not discouraged, but entered into slowly.  Dogs are naturally social and after getting to know them myself, I like to offer an opportunity to join a group walk if convenient.

Thank you so much for considering Wetzel Walks 'Em.  Please complete the
Contact Form and I'll be in touch.  I look forward to working with you.
Did you know...

Peter has a degree in Anthropology.

Peter hopes to retire to Martha's Vineyard.

Peter is an Aries, which probably adds to his calm.

Peter grew up with Newfoundlands.  They are big and lovable.  As a result big dogs don't scare him... much.

Once a dog ate Peter's Breakfast Bagel Sandwich.  He was mad but the dog was happy!
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