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Frequently Asked Questions

You have questions, I've got answers...

Q:  What is the benefit of Advance Purchase?

A:  For me, it's a commitment to you and your pet.  For you it's a chance to save money and not have to worry about invoicing.  You'll still get a 'bill' for your records, but paid in advance takes some of the pressure off both of us.  Advance Purchase packages require a minimum number of walks per week.  

Q:  What if I need to cancel a walk?  

A:  24 hours notice is required for cancellations.  In the event that I can fill a cancelled time slot with another walk you will NOT be charged.  

Q:  What if YOU (i.e. Peter) are unable to walk my dog.  

A:  There are times when I may have to miss a walk.  It is my policy to provide advance notice for vacations, family plans, etc.  In the event of an emergency, arrangements will be made for refunds, coverage by another walker, or adjustments to billing.  I will make every attempt to fulfill my obligations to you and your pet. 

Q:  How many dogs do you take at a time?  

A:  My preference is no more than three (3) dogs at any one time.  In my experience, more than three dogs can become dangerous.  If you have a multi-dog family, chances are your pets get along relatively well.  However, not all dogs get along.  It is my policy in the initial interview to ask questions about your pet's experiences with other animals, people and situations.  If there is information I should know about your pet, please be sure to tell me.  

Q:  Do you house sit or pet sit?

A:  I DO offer Overnight Pet Sitting, which includes two 15-Minute Walks (evening and morning), feeding and water change, mail service and home 'safety' check.  If your needs require multiple overnights, there may also be the added cost of Single Walks mid day.  Please note this does not include me staying at your home.   

Q:  What is the "Go" Green Initiative?

A:  I felt it was a clever name.  The dogs 'Go' and the clean up is "Green" so naturally, it flowed quite nicely.

Q:  Do I need to provide my own walking supplies?

A:  Part of the initial interview process will determine what kind of supplies your pet is currently walked with and any concerns will be addressed.  I do not walk with retractable leashes.  If you have a retractable leash in your home, I will provide my own 6 or 8 foot leash.  I also provide all poop bags.  If your dog requires a special harness or collar, this will be addressed as well in your interview.   

Q:  Is my Pet safe using your Pet Taxi Service?

A:  I own and operate a Subaru Outback, which is safe in all types of weather and conditions.  Your pet will be safe in the trunk space, which has been outfitted with a special Pet Shield for the benefit of all.  I have an exceptional driving record and hold specialty insurance via Pet Sitters Associates, LLC for any contingencies.  

Q:  Why walk dogs for a living?

A:  How happy are you to see your pet when you get home?  Imagine spending your entire day with that undying love and happiness.  That is why. 

Did You Know...

That if I haven't answered all of your questions here you can submit them here.

An FAQ Page appears on most business web sites, and are rarely utilized by consumers.

There is no such thing as a stupid question.

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