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Rates & Contact

With Wetzel Walks 'Em you can rest assured that your pets and your home are in good hands.  The person you meet at your initial interview will be skilled in communication, professionalism and caring.  That person will have access to your house keys, your home and your pets, and you deserve to know you're in the best hands in the business.  

Complete the CONTACT Form at the bottom of this page for a FREE CONSULTATION!

Because Wetzel Walks 'Em is a small company you can be confident that you know exactly who to call in an emergency.  Whether it concerns your pet or your home, Wetzel Walks 'Em is designed to accommodate all your Pet Care needs.  I feel certain that once we meet you will know you have made the right choice for your pet and your family.


Monday through Friday: 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or by appointment outside of these hours.

Single Walk - $20/half hour.  This rate is considered 'a la carte' and billed via invoice

5 Walk Advance Purchase - $95 a SAVINGS of $5 (available for two walks per week or more)
10 Walk Advance Purchase - $180 a SAVINGS of $20 (available for three or more per week)

Potty Break - $10.00 (10-15 Min)

Saturday & Sunday by Appointment Only.  

Rates above are based on a Single Dog.  Additional Dogs are $2.00 per service above.  

Pet Sitting

There may come a time when you have to leave your pet at home either planned or unexpectedly.  Call on Wetzel Walks 'Em to ensure your pet gets the best possible care and attention, and know that your home is also in great hands.

Overnight Pet Sitting for your dog includes an evening walk, morning walk, feedings, mail service and "home security" check.  
Need Cat Sitting?  I'll be sure to visit your feline friend, as well as take care of feeding, watering, litter box detail and "home security".

Pet Sitting Rates will be determined after interview.  Rates are based on number of pets, distance to your home and if you are a current Wetzel Walks 'Em client.  

House Sitting

Headed out of town with your Pets and just want peace of mind? 
If you're a client of Wetzel Walks 'Em you pay just $10/day for a security check, mail pickup, "light switch" and overall wellness check.

Non-Pet Clients are eligible for $15/day. 

The Fine Print 

Advance Purchase rates are paid in advance of any walking or service.  

Pet Sitting requires a minimum 50% deposit upon interview and/or acceptance.  Any balance is expected upon the START of services.  Penalties and fees may apply for missed payments, extra distance, foul weather home cleanup, etc.

* Student ID from Undergraduate or Graduate Program required.  For Medical an out patient form is appreciated but not required.  Medical categories accepted include Pregnancy, Newborn Baby, Outpatient Surgical and any other approved instance.

Contact Information

Thank you for your interest in Wetzel Walks 'Em.  Please complete this form and include your pet's name in the comments section. Please also include any other useful information about your pet, as well as the days you would need walking, and preferred times of day.  I look forward to responding to all inquiries within 24 hours of receiving your information.

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Did you know...

Wetzel Walks 'Em currently accepts Cash & Checks only.  Checks can be made payable to either Peter Wetzel or Wetzel Walks 'Em.

The Average going rate for a 30 minute walk is $20 locally.  Take advantage of Advance Purchase pricing to save money.

Gas prices are at almost $3.00/gallon so Peter tries to park in the middle of a neighborhood of walks and then get some exercise!!!
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