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UPDATED 3.18.16

Wetzel Walks 'Em is forever evolving into the strong business I had hoped it would become when I started over three years ago.  We have recently welcome new dogs and even a new human to the business!  The mild winter months have allowed us all to enjoy longer and more comfortable walks, and spring mud and puddles keep every day exciting!  

Warm Welcomes go out to Baxter, Ollie, Monster, Jack and Chido.  

Please note that Wetzel Walks 'Em has also started accepting VENMO as a payment option.  Venmo allows for immediate and easy transfer of funds and has been an excellent resource addition to the business.


WETZEL WALKS 'EM is GROWING!  You read that right.  In the coming weeks Wetzel Walks 'Em will be adding staff members to bring more dogs under the caring umbrella of Wetzel Walks 'Em.  I have been very careful and selective in choosing the team members who will be joining the ranks of WWE as independent contractors.  Many of them own and operate their own part-time dog walking and/or pet sitting businesses, and are looking for the added support of a well established company.  In the past three years I have been so fortunate to create a business that is synonymous with professionalism, caring and safety.  Each of the coming employees will embody those same ideals and will carry the banner of Wetzel Walks 'Em during each of their contracted walks.  

As a result of the increase in work force, WWE is seeking new dogs, cats and basically clients.  If the information on this website sounds like a great fit, we'd love to meet you and show you all that WWE has to offer.  Thanks so much for three amazing years and here is to the growth of Wetzel Walks 'Em!


Wetzel Walks 'Em website went dark for a few days, because the extortionists at GoDaddy.com were being mean and unsupportive of small businesses (jk).  Actually I just forgot to auto renew... ah the joys of being a Small Business Owner.  

That being said, there are still a few openings left for the coming Fall/Winter season of walking.  Rates are found on the Rates & Contact Page. 

I am very excited to introduce  some new dogs.  A warm WWE welcome to Jarah, Brodie and Mae & Dewey.  I have also had the pleasure of welcoming BACK a very special dog - Maggie - who is recovering from ACL Surgery like a champ.  

Thank you all for your support of WWE.  We are into our third year of Full-Time walking and sitting and it could never have been possible without the support of all of you.  

6.6.14  Hello to all in InternetLand!!!  Obviously it's been a while since I updated the website, but happily that is dues to insane business success.  I have all of you to thank for that. 

Coming into the Summer of '14 things are slowing down, as everyone wants to walk their own dogs... go figure!  That being said, Wetzel Walks 'Em will be offering Pet Sitting Specials.  Just mention this News Update and if you're going on Vacation - regardless of whether it's an overnight or a whole week - a great special offer awaits you and your pets.  

Thanks for spreading the word and sharing the love!  Like Wetzel Walks 'Em on Facebook so that Facebook Inc stops bothering me about spending money on advertising!  Write a review on Yelp.com and as always, support your local businesses!  

Thank you all again for your support.  

10.7.13  Wetzel Walks 'Em is a YEAR OLD!  And what a year it's been.  

A few updates to the policies.  Advance Purchase packages care a few 'stipulations' including a minimum number of walks per week.  

Other than that, the coming year promises to be exciting.  I know exactly what it takes to 'weather' the storms of New England (a good pair of L.L. Bean flannel lined jeans!!!)  and I'm ready to take on another year.

9.25.13  WOW WOW WOW !!!  It has clearly been a while since returning to this site.  I am a week away from my one year Anniversary as a business and I could not be happier or more proud of the success of my business.  Although my Yelp.com page only reflects a single review, I know that references would say great things about my 'product' and I am looking forward to continuing to offer walking, pet-sitting and new products this coming year.

I am currently working on a WHOLE BODY transformation package for all dogs.  I have been in contact with a company out of Brooklyn, NY which makes and provides an incredible and wholesome food product for pets.  More on that in the coming weeks.

So again, THANK YOU to all of you who have supported Wetzel Walks 'Em this past year, and I look forward to an incredibly successful sophomore year!  

3.17.13  Happy St. Patrick's Day to All.  As I mentioned on my Facebook Page, the Luck of the Irish visited early this week as a client of mine who had been reported missing was found.  Gratitude goes out to all who reposted the 'online flyer' about Buddy and helped in his search and eventual 'rescue'.  It was a sobering experience for me without question, and begs some important questions about pet safety.  

As we watch the snow recede into the drains, we also watch the dog waste materialize on the sidewalks.  Please clean up after your dogs, as no one wants to track poop into their homes, businesses and lives.  Do your part to 'Curb your Dog' and Portland will be a more beautiful place.  Take note of where the local trash bins are in your neighborhood, and do NOT abuse cans that are not yours.  Clever signs on lawns are there to get your attention, please heed their requests.  

Go green with Earth Rated Poop Bags.  After all, it's St. Patrick's Day!


When it rains (or snows!) it POURS.  What an amazing Month it's been already this February.  I am receiving many inquiries for Dog Walking and Pet Sitting, and am so grateful for all of the support from friends and family both near and far.  The weather has not been particularly cooperative, but overall it's a beautiful thing to spend days outdoors with such wonderful pets.

I broke down today and bought a pair of new boots, something with REAL Gore Tex.  The 30+ inches of snow has been slowly receding and as a result the puddles are ponds and the dog trekking turns into puddle jumping!

I hope that all of you out there in Puppy Land are enjoying great walks and the warm weather.


What a month!  Some of the coldest Temps on record for New England and it's only February!  I have been so grateful to keep busy - and Warm - and have much to be thankful for.  

I posted on Facebook about Musher's Secret, an amazing Foot/Paw salve that naturally protects pet paws from the elements.  Here in Portland, they are very aggressive about salting the dangerous sloping sidewalks.  My poor little Chihuahua Chicken was my first test of the Musher's Secret, and he loved it!  I urge you all to check it out.

February will be a short month, but will bring lots of challenges.  The weather will continue to be a factor, as will changing schedules and cabin fever.  Luckily that is a rare problem for a Dog Walker!  I encourage all of you with Dogs to get out there and walk!  It will break the monotony... and hey, after today Football Season is officially over.  

February Referral Specials continue, with cash bonuses for referrals that lead to new clients.  Even if you are not a current client, you can make referrals to Wetzel Walks 'Em and earn cash!  


Happy New Year from Wetzel Walks 'Em.  It has been a lovely break for the Holidays with some new Pet Sitting Clients added and the return of some clients from 2012.  Mother Nature has made sure that I put ALL of my Winter Warming clothes to good use, with temperatures well below freezing for the rest of this week.  Thanks to Mom and Dad for the new North Face gloves, they'll keep my fingers nice and toasty.  

This is the time of year when people rush out to buy Jackets, sweaters, booties and paw 'salves' for their pups.  Make sure that you do your research before you throw away money or something stylish but non-functional, or even worse, something you don't need or your pup won't wear.  Bring Fido along to shop, at Planet Dog and Fetch your pets are always welcome. 

Paw Salves are popular in the cities and in towns where sidewalks are salted frequently.  But a little common sense and foresight will make that purchase obsolete.  And if you walk with a harness, make sure the jacket or top layer you're buying works with your harness setup.  You all know I'm a fan of the 'Easy Walk' system, but it makes buying a top layer that much harder with a front clasp.  

Food for thought people, not that any of us need to do more eating after the holidays!  See you out there and thanks for sharing your pups!


Good Morning Happy People.  Who believes the end of the world is coming?  Certainly not me, too many great things are happening right now!

The weather has truly changed, and mother nature is dumping all sorts of precipitation on us.  A well prepared walker is just what you need to make sure Fido gets all his exercise and Mittens gets her food.  I choose to layer for the best comfort when I walk.  And many people in outdoor jobs will agree, there are not a lot of true 'Waterproof' garments around, more like water resistant and quick dry!  Still, don't cry for me Argentina, it's great to be out with your pets, and so many of them are immune to the elements.  And for those who aren't as hearty, let's just say I've learned a great deal about Pet Attire in the last few days!

On a side note, I feel it necessary to use this opportunity to stress how important Portland Leash Laws are for pets and their owners.  In recent weeks I have been walking on both the East End and West End, and struggle with how to best remind pet owners that Leash Laws are not 'at your discretion'.  Too many pet owners believe they have voice control over their pets, only to lose control of them at inopportune moments.  It is everyone's responsibility to keep their pets and other animals safe from harms way.  Just because a pet owner believes their pup is a perfect angel doesn't mean that all dogs are comfortable with being approached, especially when they are on leash.  Off Leash Parks are so plentiful here in the Portland area, why risk a fine?  Please be considerate of all pet owners and keep your dogs on their required leash.  My two cents.  


Cheer Me On!! That's right, I've subscribed to Nike+ Fitness Training in order to track my mileage while walking, count calories (more Five Guys !!!) and offer clients access to real time walking routes and workouts.  It has always been an added bonus to get exercise while taking out your pets, but with Nike+ it's so much more!!!  

Did you know that if you follow me on Facebook you can actually cheer me on while I'm out walking or jogging your dogs?  Just a quick 'Like' on the - I just started a run with... - link and I hear a three to five second cheer in my ear.  It's that simple.

Follow Wetzel Walks 'Em on Twitter or Facebook and see how much fun it can be.  Have questions about Nike+?  Just ask me.


SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY !!!!  Coming Saturday November 24, 2012

Yes, Wetzel Walks 'Em is a Small Business.  And like many other small businesses I appreciate your support and want to pass it on to other businesses and support our Local Economy.

For the rest of the month of November - available to new and existing clients - get 20% off Advance Purchase Packages of Walks and all new clients get their first walk FREE!!!*

This makes advance purchase packages the way to go!  $60 for a 5-Walk Package and only $116 for a 10-walk package.  Again that's 20% off already great savings.  

Spread the word and your referral might also get you bonus walks or gift cards.  

Support Small Business Saturday with Wetzel Walks 'Em.  Buy walks for someone you know or get yourself a treat this Holiday Season.

*free walk after meet n greet and client approval.  


Happy Halloween Everyone!!!  Do you put your pets in costume?  I guess I'll have to find out when I turn the key!  

I hope that everyone out there survived Sandy.  I had three walks that day and all were successful.  Plus I got to try my foul weather pants and waterproof gloves.  Everything worked great so I feel confident that whatever weather comes along, I'm prepared.  

Speaking of prepared, it's always best to make sure you're prepared in the event of a storm or other weather emergency.  Extra food, water and medications for you and/or your pets is a MUST.  Keep batteries and flashlights on hand and be careful with generators and candles.  Your pets probably won't mind the weather - and may even be the first to alert you it's coming - but a wagging tail can cause big problems if a candle is knocked over.  

Be safe out there everyone and Happy Halloween.


I am blessed to be meeting with potential new clients almost daily.  One thing that comes up a lot these days is Pet Sitting for the Holidays.  While I am not equipped to keep pets at my home on a regular basis, my kids do keep asking for a dog of our own.  But that is beside the point!  Holiday Pet Sitting is booking up fast.  Plan your Thanksgiving and Christmas Pet Sitting now, not only to get it off your mind, but for great early booking bonuses.  Contact me for details!!!


Wetzel Walks 'Em is in the process of GOING MOBILE.  A Mobile Dog Walking Business?  Sounds crazy, I know.  But what I mean is, I'm working with the fine folks at The Apple Store in the Maine Mall, in order to make my business run as smoothly as possible, with the help of mobile devices.  There are so many out there that are useful, and I've only scratched the surface.  Here's what I'm looking at though...

Obviously, as I mentioned earlier on in What's New, and on my Rates and Contact page, I've started using SQUARE.  Square is a great application, not only for allowing clients to use their Credit or Debit card to pay for services, but also to track payments.  SQUARE Register for my iPad allows me to 'post' Cash or Check payments for tax and business purposes.  So far, it's pretty awesome.  

I've also started using a Pedometer App called, well, Pedometer.  It's pretty basic.  But I use my iPhone as my clock/watch anyway... might as well see how far we walk.  Some of my smaller dogs can only handle under a mile in a 30-Minute Walk, while my bigger dogs are pushing two miles plus in that same time frame.  Needless to say, I've had to put another hole in my belt!!! No complaints though.

DocuSign Ink is an amazing app that lets me upload PDF files of Contracts and/or Release Forms.  I carry my iPad with me on business calls and clients can sign these forms electronically with a stylus right on my iPad.  The files are saved in the 'Cloud' and the State of Maine has Recognized this form of Contract as fully legal and binding, perhaps even more so than paper because it is rare to 'lose' electronic files.  I can immediately send these contracts to clients via email too.  The mobile world is changing the face of my business.

I just recently found GoCanvas, which is an amazing site I think any mobile business owner should check out.  GoCanvas has templates of frequently used forms - literally hundreds of these templates! - and you can utilize your mobile device to complete these forms at in person interviews (Meet n Greets) or email or forward the files to a client to complete before a meeting to safe a little time.  I am not paying for this service yet, but I have no doubt it's going to be added to the repertoire soon.  

WOW... I know.  My business is mobile, and I need to make sure I can access all of this stuff at a moment's notice.  This is where Dropbox comes in.  All of these apps are amazing ways to keep yourself and your business mobile.  Check em out or visit your local Apple Store and ask to speak to a Business Rep.  

Happy Walking to all!!!


Now THAT was a New England Weekend.  Beautiful high temp warm sunny days followed by dropping nighttime chills!  As we approach the colder temps, remember that Wetzel Walks 'Em is ready to take over in the event of an 'emergency'.  I consider that being bundled up inside on a Sunday afternoon with the NFL, a beverage of your choice and perhaps a steaming bowl of chili with cheese.  
In other news, Wetzel Walks 'Em has been blowing up on the internet, search engines, Yelp.com and Facebook.  Make sure to put us into the Search Engine of your choice, just to see what happens.  You know you've 'Googled' yourself, why not Google us.  
Thanks to all who have inquired about rates and services.  For those of you looking for references, those are on the way by weeks end.  
Enjoy your Columbus Day Holiday if you've got it and we'll see you on the streets!


I hope that everyone enjoys a great Columbus Day Weekend.  If you happen to plan a last minute trip, think of Wetzel Walks 'Em to provide home security and/or pet sitting.


Peter just went to the Apple Store and got all tech crazy.  This just in, Wetzel Walks 'Em now has SQUARE.  For those of you not familiar, it means I can accept Credit and Debit Card payments on my iPhone.  Using the simple Square peripheral with my iPhone I can swipe your card on the spot.  This makes it easier for everyone, since seriously, who has cash or checks these days?  There is a small .45 cent additional processing fee that I have to attach as a small business.  If demand is high enough however, this fee might just disappear!!!

Thanks to Simon and the Apple Store crew for getting me up and running!!!  


Wetzel Walks 'Em is now on Facebook !!!!  If you have given permission, you may see your pets featured on this website as well as the Facebook page.  

Also, we have recently introduced the Wetzel Walks 'Em Pet Taxi.  If you require assistance getting your pets to the Groomer, Vet, Kennel or any other appointment, please consider using Wetzel Walks 'Em Pet Taxi.  Rates start at $10.00 per trip with additional mileage considerations.


Brrrrr... Sure is getting cold out there.  Luckily I've got the best foul weather gear available so nothing's gonna keep me down.  My Helly Hansen Jacket is getting a workout today with this drizzle, but I'm toasty and dry inside the protective shell.  And to think I just took out and dusted off my Bogs; already thinking snow!!!

As the temperature drops, many people can't be outside, even though their dogs yearn to play in the puddles and snow or frolick through piles of leaves.  Let me take them out for you, Single Walks are just $16.00 and once we've arranged the 'Meet n' Greet' I'm happy to come over on short notice (if available) and take the pressure off foul weather walking.

Rates have also changed for October 1st.  See new lower pricing, including all Advance Purchase Packages, Single Walks and our new Late Night Service Industry Special.  Do you work in the Service Indusrty?  Restaurant, Bar or Hotel?  I've been there and know it's not your average 9-5.  Our Service Industry Special runs $12.00 for a 20-Minute walk between 9 pm and Midnight.  Give me a call or fill out the Contact Form for more information.
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